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Our Projects

Westpac Bank Building Hamilton

This building in Hamilton’s City Centre was facing issues surrounding a leaking roof. An interior refit of the building was underway and it was essential to ensure that the building was watertight.

Viking Roofspec and ourselves recommended using Viking Enviroclad as the ultimate roofing membrane system. It has provided a watertight finish, with its heat welded seams and a complete range of proprietary accessories to deal meticulously and effortlessly with the challenge of roof penetrations.

This project qualified for a Viking Full System Warranty which covers both the materials and the workmanship on the job.

CountDown Napier Warm Roof

CountDown Napier had long run iron on their roof that had been patched up and repaired over the years to fix the many leaks they had without much success. Together with Viking Roofspec, we come up with the idea of laying a warm roof over the existing long run iron. A warm roof consist’s of a Polyiso panel fixed to the existing roof with a Tpo membrane (Enviro Clad) glued to the panels. Together the Polyiso and Enviro Clad provide an excellent form of insolation providing a cost saving in power for the Client.

For more info on these products and others please contact us and we can provide the Solution for you.

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Robin Ratcliffe’s House

In approximately 2012 Robin Ratcliffe was in the process of building a new home near the Fairfield Bridge. Roofing solutions were tasked to provide a roof on his new home overlooking the Waikato River.

The roof was first specified in a liquid membrane roof – with internal gutters – which was beyond the capabilities of most roofing agencies in the Waikato.

Roofing solutions quickly took on this challenge over 6 wet weeks – and were able to deliver a Viking Enviroclad TPO membrane to complete the roof on time and to spec.